Rich Pins

How to apply for Rich Pins

  1. Decide what kind of Rich Pin (recipe, movie, article, product or place) you want to apply for your website.
  2. Learn more about the required meta tags for each type of Rich Pin you want for your website (see below).
  3. Add the appropriate Rich Pin meta tags to product, recipe, article, movie, or place pages on your site.
  4. Apply for Rich Pins with a single URL that contains the correct meta tags in the Rich Pin validator.
  5. Someone from our team will contact you over email with the status of your Rich Pin application. The review process may take a few weeks.
  6. Once your site is enabled for Rich Pins, all Pins that link back to pages with the correct meta tags will start appearing as Rich Pins.

Opting Out of Rich Pins

If you don’t want your pages to render as Rich Pins, you can insert the following meta tag into the HTML head section of your pages. It’s important to point out that this tag only applies to Rich Pins and is not the same as the nopin tag, which prevents people from adding things to Pinterest from your site.

<meta name="pinterest-rich-pin" content="false" />